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Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser - Smart Touch Display

No need for printer. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Product Code: TGTESTO300ST

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  • Easy & intuitive smart touch display
  • Email reports directly from analyser
  • Create documentation on site
  • No need for printer
  • Integrated Bluetooth interface
  • 10-hour rechargeable battery life

Kit include: analyser, including O2 and CO sensor up to 4,000 ppm, mains unit, basic flue gas probe, spare dirt filters, EasyHeat software, case.

The Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser can be used to inspect heating systems. It is equipped with an O₂ sensor and a CO sensor and is capable of performing the following measurements:

  • O₂: 0 to 21 vol.%
  • Flue CO: 0 to 4000 ppm
  • Draught: -9.99 mbar to +40 mbar
  • Pressure: -100 mbar to +200 mbar
  • Temperature: -40°C to 1200°C

In addition to this, when used with a variety of OPTIONAL Testo accessories, the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser can be used to measure:

  • Gas flow pressure
  • Differential temperature
  • Ambient CO
  • Gas pipe testing

The multi-function handle facilitates the user’s ability to attach a variety of quick-change probe shafts (available separately) thereby expanding the Testo 300’s scope-for-use. The operator can use the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser to inspect flue gas pipes with larger diameters via the connection of a longer probe shaft; alternatively, he/she can check measurements for systems located in hard-to-reach areas via the addition of a flexible probe. The Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser is compatible with probes designed for Testo's previous 320 and 330 Analysers.

This instrument’s extra-strong magnets ensure that it is held in place throughout the measurement period, again extending its scope-for-use. The Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser is also supplied with a rechargeable battery able to supply the tester with up to ten hours of power; this adds to the Testo 300’s versatility, testing efficiency and longevity.

Testing efficiency is also improved by the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser’s operating system and its draught and gas zeroing function. The aforementioned function allows the user to zero the meter whilst the (included) flue gas probe is in the flue pipe.

Additionally, when the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser is placed in Standby mode the user does not need to wait until the zeroing phase is complete before commencing measurement; it is ready to use at the touch of a button.

The user can view measurements and operate the analyser via the 5-inch HD display. The display is recessed, scratch-resistant and covered by a protective film ensuring that the Testo 300 can be used in rugged, challenging environments.

Multiple measurements and parameters can be viewed via the display simultaneously, and it is possible to track the progress of each parameter over the measurement period in the form of a graph. Clearly structured menus allow the user to access relevant data quickly and easily, whilst the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser’s zoom function and customisability facilitate the user's ability to view and focus on the measurements most relevant to the application.

Data can be exported to a printer via the integrated Bluetooth interface. A compatible Testo Bluetooth/ IRDA printer is included in the Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser – Standard Kit WITH Printer.

Alternatively, data, including measurements, customer details and site information, can be uploaded to the user’s PC and managed using the supplied Testo EasyHeat Analysis Software. This software can also be used to configure the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser’s settings.

It is also possible to export data into an industry- or customer-specific software program** as the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser is equipped with an interface function.

Conversely, rather than export data, it is possible to create PDF measurement reports and documentation, such as measurement protocols, containing details such as the measurement values, site locations and customer details on the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser. Reports may be saved to the tester and/or may be sent to the user’s office PC, to colleagues or to customers via email (using WLAN).

Further to this, the Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser includes a signature function allowing clients to sign reports on the instrument, thereby improving testing efficiency and convenience. It also includes an integrated address book.

The Testo 300 Smart Flue Gas Analyser is an adaptable, reliable and practical tool designed to improve testing efficiency and convenience. It is ideal for professionals checking heating systems.

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