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PayByLink – Your questions answered

Q – Why are you doing this?

A – We know that it may not be convenient for you to pay your account balance during working hours, and we understand that some people can be nervous about giving their card details out over the phone – so this is an extra way you can choose to pay us – securely, quickly and any time of the day or night.


Q - Is it Safe?

A - Yes! Your payment is made through Lloyds Cardnet, who have been providing card payment services since 1997, and handle £64 billion of payments each year. We already use them for all your phone and in-branch payments. Like all payment service providers, Lloyds Cardnet comply with PCI-DSS regulations and UK law on credit card security.


Q – How does it work?

A – We send a payment request via email or SMS to you – containing your account number and the amount to pay. We do this through PayByLink – you’ll see their logo on the online payment page


Q – Who Are PayByLink?

A – PayByLink are software developers who specialise in payment systems – they generate emails and SMS (text) messages with payments links which take you to our secure payment site. PayByLink don’t handle your payments themselves – that’s all done by Lloyds Cardnet.


Q – Does this mean someone different is dealing with my account?

A – Absolutely not – the credit control team at Williams & Co are responsible for your account, and we’re all here to help Mon-Fri 7:00am – 5:00pm on 01329 226050 if you need to call us.


Q – What does this cost me?

A – Nothing. We take care of the card fees, and nothing is added to your card for using the service. In fact, you save the cost of a phone call!


Q – How do I know the email I’ve received is genuine?

A –If you have any doubts about a payment request, then please call us on 01329 226090 and we can verify the payment link for you. We’ve put together a simple guide below that shows you what to look out for.


PayByLink – How do I know it’s genuine?


All our payment requests are sent from our in-house email address – We will always include your customer account number in the message (Letter ‘C’ and 6 digits), and when you click on the link, the first web page you arrive at will look something like this:


Card Selection Page


 Once you’ve chosen your card type and clicked ‘Continue, this is what you’ll see:

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