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Aqualisa Quartz Smart Divert Exposed Digital Shower with Adj and Fixed Ceiling Heads - Gravity Pumped 2019

QZD.A2.EV.DVFC.18. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery

Product Code: MAQZDA2EVDVFC18

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Purchased made between 1st January - 30th April 2020. *While promotional stock lasts.

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2019 Design

Aqualisa Code: QZD.A2.EV.DVFC.18

Aqualisa QZD.A2.EV.DVFC.18 Details

An enhanced showering experience needn’t mean days of bathroom disruption. In fact, opt for a Quartz Digital shower with an exposed control and you and your family could be enjoying better showering in hours, rather than days. Plus, this Quartz Digital shower features our clever digital diverter technology, so you’ll be able to switch between its luxurious, ceiling fixed drencher shower head and adjustable shower head as often as you like and in an instant. It’s the perfect showering solution for families and, thanks to a unique configuration, it’s a dream to install. A Quartz Digital shower couldn’t be easier to use. Once you’ve decided upon your water temperature, simply press the button on the shower’s control. Then, when the control’s LED display stops flashing, you’ll know it’s time to step in. Each shower head has it's own start/stop button to use. Alternatively and for total ease, use the optional remote control to switch your shower on and off or to divert between its shower heads – all from outside the showering area!

Pumped Unit-A2

Pumped A2 processor units are compatible specifically for low pressure gravity fed supplies, they have an integral 1 bar pump and can take a maximum of 1 bar working pressure with a minimum of 0.1 bar of working pressure. This unit will only be compatible with a gravity fed water system.

Why Choose Digital?

Digital showers have all of the main features of a normal thermostatic mixer showers, but so much more. The temperature will remain consistent at all flow rates, and it includes an automatic shut-off function that guarantees to keep you and your family safe should your hot/cold water supply unexpectedly fail. You also have the reassurance a pre-selected maximum temperature, so can relax knowing that you and your family are not at any risk. 

Benefits of Choosing The Quartz Digital Diverter

  • Precise, temperature perfect, thermostatic showering.
  • Simple push button start / stop and divert control.
  • Intuitive LED display shows you when the desired temperature has been reached.
  • Set to ‘eco-mode’ for a saving of up to 33% water.
  • Luxury optional purchases include a remote control, corner fixing brackets and retro fit accessories to make installing it even easier!

Smart Showering

The Quartz Digital range from Aqualisa offer a smart showering solution for your bathroom. The advanced remote control options (purchased separately) not only allow you to start the shower from outside of the enclosure, but also have an illuminated LED which shows when your water has reached the desired temperature. The push button controls will also let you switch easily between a drencher shower head and the adjustable riser head (divert models only). This is a particularly smart solution for the exposed options as they can be fitted with minimal disruption to any existing decor. The inclusion of a digital processor also adds to the smart practicality of the Quartz. This sophisticated processor, which can be located up to 10 metres away from the shower, replaces the valve and offers precision blending, flexible installation, eco credentials and is compatible with all water systems.

Push Button Showering & Divert

Start or stop your digital shower with a simple push button control, push to start and push to stop – it couldn’t be any simpler! No levers to turn or adjust, just a great shower at a perfect temperature. The only choice you will have to make is which shower head you want the water to come out of!

Remote Processor

You can be sure of a safe and reliable temperatures every time you shower. Hot and cold temperatures are blended with digital precision in the processor box located up to 10 metres away from the showering area – in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath for example!

Intuitive Displays with Remote Control

You no longer have to reach into the shower to test the temperature with the illuminated LED display! This shows you exactly when your shower has reached your desired temperature, and with the optional remote control, you can start/stop your shower from outside the enclosure! A truly relaxing shower experience! You can even divert the water from the one shower head to another using the optional remote control, so you don’t even need to get wet.

105mm Harmony Head & 250mm Drencher Head

This generous size hand held shower head is included with your Quartz Digital Divert shower. It boasts 4 spray patterns, ‘inner’, ‘middle’, ‘outer’ and includes an ‘eco-setting’ which can produce a saving of up to 25% without compromising the shower experience. Your divert shower also includes a large 250mm drencher head that offers a complete luxury within your shower.

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