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Welcome to the Williams Press-fit Page!


Why Press?

Press-fit pipe systems used to be the preserve of the commercial and industrial installer, but is now the fastest growing pipework system in the domestic plumbing sector, with sales of guns and fittings doubling every 18 months or so.

Why are so many domestic plumbing and heating engineers making the switch, and what do you need to know if you are contemplating joining them?

This page aims to show you at a glance the main considerations of using Press-fit, the Williams Press-fit product range and our options for either purchase or hire purchase through Williams.


Why choose Press-fit over soldered copper or plastic Push-fit?

 Press-fit vs soldered copper:

  • No heat or flame required – doesn’t activate fire alarms, damage paintwork, or cause fires in attics.
  • Joints can be made even if there is residual water in the pipework
  • No flux or solder residue or fumes – either in the pipework or in your lungs. 
  • Very quick to make a joint – just a few seconds. Does not require time to cool and no flushing is required.
  • No snots or flux discolouration.
  • Leak path technology – fittings that have not been pressed will visibly leak, unlike endfeed fittings which can appear to be watertight even if not soldered.

 Press-fit vs plastic push-fit:

  • Fittings are much less bulky and the finished job looks more professional
  • Fittings are cheaper and rodent proof.
  • Makes a solid connection, pipe will not twist in the fitting.
  • Fitting will not accidentally dismount.
  • Can be used with gas as well as water (subject to using the correct fitting)
  • Maintains electrical continuity for earthing.


 Which Press-fit machine should I buy?    How do they compare?


 How to buy?

All our products are available to buy online and at the trade counter. For items not stocked in branch we can have them delivered direct to you on our same day or next day delivery service, or have them delivered next day into the branch for you to collect.

Not sure you are ready to buy yet? Our Hire Before You Buy service provides you with up to 30 days to trial the product.  See further down the page for more details.



NOVOPRESS ACO 103 OR ACO 203 Bundles

Each Novopress bundle contains:

  • ACO 103 or ACO 203 Pressing tool
  • 2 x M12 battery & charger with ACO 103
  • 2 x M18 battery & charger with ACO 203
  • Robust carry case
  • M-profile jaws as listed in kit description below
Kit B - NOVOPRESS ACO 103 with 15mm and 22mm jaws
Kit C - NOVOPRESS ACO 103 with 15mm, 22mm and 28mm jaws
Kit D - NOVOPRESS ACO 103 with 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and 35mm jaws
KIT J - NOVOPRESS ACO 203 with 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and 35mm jaws


Optional Extras include:

 For the full NOVOPRESS range please click here.






 14.4 v or 22 volt REMS MINI-PRESS Bundles

 Super light, super small, super handy!

 Each REMS Mini-press Bundle Contains:

Extended 5 Year Warranty when registered within 30 days of purchase!

Optional Extras include:

For the full REMS rage please click here.


Current Promotion!


Buy any REMS or NOVOPRESS bundle by 30/04/2021 and we will send you a voucher code for £50 worth of Pegler Yorkshire Xpress fittings every month for 3 months! Just place your fittings order online each month and apply the voucher code and get £150 worth of free fittings!

See full terms & conditions at 

Click here for our latest deals



Press Fittings

All the fittings below can be used with either the REMS Minipress or the Novopress ACO103 machines. However, you will need Jaws with the profile matched to the fitting. By default, we supply M Profile jaws but V profile jaws are available for both Novopress and REMS on request.

Fittings Comparison Image


 Don’t know if Press-fit is for you?    Not sure which system to buy?

......... Our Hire Before You Buy service is for You!

Our Hire Before You Buy service provides you with up to 30 days to trial the product. Initial Hire is charged for a 14 day period. The hire costs are outlined below for each package and includes a £100 voucher to spend on the fittings of your choice in the Peglar, M-press and Geberit ranges. The fittings will be delivered at the same time as your hire machine.

If you would like to take advantage of our Hire Before You Buy service for either our Novopress or REMs bundles, please take a look at the information below and contact our Trade Support Team on 01329 226501 or email and they will walk you through the process and can get a hire machine out to you.

To use the Hire Before You Buy scheme you will need a Williams credit account.  See below for further information. 


Can't decide?    Why not do a head to head trial?

You can hire both machines and decide for yourself which is the best for you!


 Further information

  • * At the end of the hire period, can I return unused fittings? Any unused fittings can be returned for credit.
  • ** Do I get a discount if I decide to purchase a press-fit machine? At the end of the hire period, if you decide to purchase the machine outright you will get £150 off the purchase cost of the machine.  The purchase cost is our trade price at the time of purchase.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
  • What about Insurance?  It is the responsibility of the hirer to insure the hire equipment and peripherals during the period of the hire.
  • What if I want to extend my hire period? If you decide you need longer to trial the system, after the initial 14 day period the hire rate is charged at £11.99 per day.  If you have the ‘Head to Head’ trial package additional daily hire is £23.99 per day.
  • What if I decide I don’t want to buy a Press-fit machine, but think it would come in handy on one-off jobs?  We have a hire fleet of REMs machines available.  Please ask either your local trade counter or the Trade Support team for information.
  • What happens if the machine fails during the trial?  Please return the machine to us with details of the failure.  All our machines are covered by the manufacturers guarantee.

You can see our Hire Before You Buy Terms and Conditions here.

How to open a Williams Credit Account:

  • If you are already a Williams Cash Account customer, opening a credit account is easy (subject to usual checks and terms).  Just speak to your local branch, call us on 01329 226501 or email  
  • If you are new to Williams, please apply for a credit account by visiting our online account registration form or calling 01329 226501.

Our prices are not available to the general public. Genuine trade customers can create an account to see pricing and place orders Click here to create an account.